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Monday, November 14, 2016

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Corioliss Gold SXE Ceramic Hair Straightener

Corioliss Gold SXE Ceramic Hair Straightener

Features And Description:

Special Edition!
Remote Control (On/Off)
Dual Voltage: 110V-220V (Can be used worldwide - just add an adaptor)
Fast Heat Up: Optimum Temperature Reached In 6 Seconds.
Optimum Temperature: 430F Degrees (210C)
1" (2.5 CM) Wide Solid Ceramic Plates
Groundbreaking Nano Silver Technology
Negative Ions Technology
Ultimate Straightening Performance
Super Slim
Can Be Used To Flip And Curl
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included
Retail Price: 220 USD
About The Corioliss Gold SXE Hair Straightener

Corioliss, winner of the "Product innovation of the year" and "Product that you can’t live without" awards continues to produce yet another amazing product, using cutting edge technology.Introducing the new Corioliss Gold SXE Hair Straightener!

This straightener is the first Gold straightener on the market, a special edition from Corioliss!

With the new and advanced Nano Silver technology, the SXE straighteners series is the next generation in hair care and professional hair styling.

The Corioliss Gold SXE is super slim, lightweight and like its Corioliss counterparts has a built in Ceramic heating element, able to reach an optimum temperature of 430F (210C) degrees in under 6 seconds.

Not only does the 1" (2.5 CM) wide Ceramic plates heat up so fast, the temperature will be maintained constantly throughout use, very important when working in a salon for professional hairdressers.

How Does It Work?

The high temperature drives the moisture from inside of the hair to the surface, giving it a shiny natural look, the heat is then absorbed by the plates, therefore not damaging your hair. With the high temperature constantly maintained, just a few strokes are enough to get perfect straightening results, without causing damage to your hair.

The Corioliss Gold SXE is the first to feature the new incredible and groundbreaking Nano Silver technology, the Nano Silver technology is sprayed on the Ceramic plates and produces a film on top of the plates when the straighteners are in use, thus, cleaning and killing 99.9% of bacteria in your hair! You are actually cleaning and styling your hair at the same time!This new technology also causes the Ceramic plates to expand when heated, which guarantees perfect alignment results when applying. The straightener also features the very popular Ionic technology, used in other Corioliss products as well, this technology creates a mass of negative ions which keeps the hair smooth and silky, allowing maximum styling capabilities.

Where to Buy The Corioliss SXE Gold :
Amazon - Click Here

Discount-Flat-Irons.com - Click Here

More Corioliss SXE : Corioliss SXE Black Corioliss SXE Red Leopard

Got The Corioliss SXE Gold ? Please reply with your comment about it. Planing to get it ? please comeback and write a reveiw.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Wet To Dry Corioliss Ceramic Hair Straightener

This post is about the Wet To Dry Corioliss Ceramic Hair Straightener

Product Description:
‘2 in 1 Hair Straightener’
New Corioliss Wet & Dry Hair Straightener is a 2 in 1 hair straightener that can be used on Wet and Dry hair, Wow!
Yes, gone are the days with you waiting for your hair to be bone dry before straightening your hair.. The new Corioliss Wet & Dry has amazing technology that allows you to straighten your hair when damp or towel dried. It does this by having small vents on the plates which allows the steam to evaporate and not cause vital hair damage.
In one easy fast step now, you can take damp sections of hair and allow the glorious tourmaline ceramic plates glide through your hair with ease.
As all Corioliss Hair Straighteners do, the Wet & Dry heat up in seconds and has a constant heat that won’t dip or get any hotter.
Style large luscious locks or simple sleek beautiful hair, the Coiroliss Wide Plate Hair Straightener uses ceramic tourmaline technology guaranteed to leave hair smooth and shiny with locked in moisture.
It also comes with a professional length cord meaning that you don’t have to stand next to your electric socket to use it. It can’t get any better than that!

Features :
  • Dual Voltage: 110V-220V (Can be used worldwide - just add an adaptor)
  • Fast Heat Up - Optimum Temperature Reached In 6 Seconds.
  • Optimum Temperature: 430F Degrees (210C)
  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Hair!
  • 1.75" (3.8 CM) Wide Solid Ceramic Plates
  • Negative Ions Technology
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plate Technology
  • Ultimate Straightening Performance
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel Cord For Better Control
  • Can Be Used To Flip And Curl
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included


Retail Price: $220 USD

eBay price : $57.95 ( Note that eBay price may change please check eBay for the correct price)

Click here for Direct link to Corioliss Wet to Dry on eBay


Friday, October 20, 2006

The new Purple pro Corioliss ceramic hair straightener iron

The Purple corioliss hair straightener made from solid ceramic that gets up to 435 degrees f (or 210 Celsius).
It's 100% ceramic - Ceramics is a natural material that protects the hair from damage caused by burning and drying.
First- it takes all the natural moisture from the inside of the hair to the surface of the hair and makes the hair soft and shiny in a natural way.
Secondly, most of the heat is absorbed inside the stones and that�s the reason it does not �fry� your hair.
The heat of the Corioliss is very high and that actually prevents damage because you only have to slide it over your hair once.
This gets fast results because you don�t have to repeat the process over and over.
It is the repeating that burns and dries your hair.

Retail price : $220
Ebay Price: $45
The new Purple pro Corioliss on eBay

corioliss Pro Pink on eBay

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you know how to curl with Corioliss? or any hair straightener?

Unfortunately the visual guide is not clear to all so I guess I will ask any one of my visitors to try to write a guide how to curl with the corioliss. If you think you know good and you can explain it will be very helpful for many people other there that looking for this information.
Your guide will be under your name you will keep your copyrights to yourself. I just looking for this info.

If you're looking for this info add the site to your favorite and come back later I hope someone will write a good guide about curling with the corioliss hair straightener.

Edit : Read this articles :
and http://www.wikihow.com/Curl-Hair-with-Straighteners

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How to use Corioliss hair straightener

This image show you how to use the Corioliss hair straightener.

If you have any tips about using the Corioliss hair straightener please post a comment. Thank you.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Where to get the Corioliss for cheap price!

Did you like the Corioliss but it's cost too much?
now I'll show you where to find the best price for the Corioliss, check out Corioliss on eBay!
eBayer! Dealler selling the Corioliss for under $100.

Before you buy from a seller on eBay!
read his feedback and make sure you know what you'r bidding on.

You can find a all list of Corioliss on this site. Please leave a nice comment if you find this site helpful :)

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Corioliss Ceramic Hair Styling Iron - Black

The Black Corioliss is slim, lightweight and can be used on dry hair, for silky smooth, sleek finishes every time!
There are many advantages with the Corioliss. thereby protecting the hair shaft from heat penetration. ceramic plates ensure high even heat and smooth straightening with negative ions for a frizz free finish!

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Corioliss Product Detailed Information

This professional straightener has come of the most advanced technology available, incorporating a ceramic heating element, infrared as well as negative-ion technology and unique floating plate design, for professional end effective results.

This stylish professional straightener has a ceramic heating element and can reach an optimum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does it heat up in 6 seconds, but the temperature will remain constant throughout use.

The infrared and negative-ion technology, as well as the natural quality of the ceramic will prevent drying and damage to the hair by maintaining the hairs natural moistures and essential natural oils.

Being small, lightweight and easy to use, the Corioliss Professional will give you the ability to create a variety of styles from straightening, to curling, waves and even flicks. This is an essential product that will leave hair looking sleek, shiny and beautifully healthy, with results lasting up to three days.

This is the perfect product to suite all your individual styling needs, for professional looking hair.

This product comes with 1 full year Manufacturers warranty!


Corioliss Pro Ceramic Hair Styling Iron - PINK!!!

Then try this slim line, lightweight and PINK! Limited Edition. Corioliss Hair Straightener.It has been designed especially for professionals in order, to help them produce efficient and beautifully sleek results every time. Corioliss professional ceramic hair straightener gives you a professional salon grade hair straightener that smooths and straightens your hair in seconds; plus it's a beautiful baby pink!!!
Some facts:
The corioliss is dual voltage (110V-220V)so you can use it all over the world while going on a holyday or just a business trip.
It has 1 inch plate.
Fast heat up
Heats up to 4300F.
Nine Feet Swivel cord for better control .
Tourmaline ceramic plate technology.

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About Corioliss

Corioliss Ltd., The company, who is aware of the difficulty to choose the right product, has created the slim line, lightweight version of the Corioliss hair straightener.
The Corioliss hair straightener with its special heating components is manufactured at the Corioliss factory in Korea and has been designed especially for professionals to ensure efficient and definitive results every time used.

Corioliss is currently represented in most of the biggest shopping centers all over England, with concession sites in Debenhams, one of the UK’s leading department stores.

Following the great success with the Corioliss professional ceramic hair straigthener, we present you with our expanded product range for you to chose and enjoy.

Corioliss is always searching to serve its clientele in a new and updated way.Let us surprise you with the new and revolutionary CORIOLISS CORDLESS HAIR STRAIGHTENER